Faire l’equitation

This week we’re trying to make the best blog post ever! The best way to do so is to write about what I love. My passion is horses and it has been ever since I was two years old. I first got into riding because I figured that I wouldn’t have to walk anywhere if I could ride a horse. I also figured that you just sit there and the horse does all the work. I was seriously mistaken. I’ve played soccer, lacrosse, softball, tennis, and many more sports but riding has been by far the most challenging. While you’re on a horse you have to communicate with them using your whole body. You have to constantly be adjusting aspects of your riding depending upon how the horse responds.


Riding a great exercise for your brain as well as your body because you have to be thinking on your toes at all times in order to not get hurt. Horses don’t intend to hurt people but due to their sheer size even the slightest error on the rider’s part can be fatal. You’re probably thinking; Then why do you enjoy it! Well it’s the feeling that you get when you accomplish a move or get something perfect that you’ve been working on forever. It’s also the bond that is created through you and your horse that makes it so worthwhile. There’s an incredible amount of trust that is made between horse and rider. I mean, I trust my horse more than I do those closest to me! It’s also the adrenaline rush. See, I’m an adrenaline junkie so being on a horse jumping a course knowing that something could go wrong at any moment is just the thing I love! Since I am so passionate about this sport and so mentally invested in it, it frustrates me when people say that it’s not a sport without even having done it. I’m not talking about a ride on the beach or a pony ride at the local fair; I’m talking about on a horse weekly for at least a year. I hope that someday I’ll be able to compete in the Olympics. I know it will be hard work but I’m going to try. So this is a bit of an inside scoop on my passion, and I know that this one that’s never going to change.

Below is a picture of the pony I lease named “Hey There Delilah.” We had just finished a ride in this picture and I was cooling her out.




NA, Katie. “Hey There Delilah.” 2013. Raw image file.

This is Delilah and I at the beach. I was in the middle of eating a sandwich 🙂

delilah beach


NA, Katie. “Hey There Delilah.” 2013. Raw image file.



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  1. G’day Katie,
    What a great post! I can certainly see your passion for horses coming through but it is a pity your images are not posting properly. Maybe they are too big in pixels or you haven’t inserted them correctly in your post.

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